Global Assistance Bulgaria

Slivnitsa Blvd 72, entr. V, fl. 1, ap.1
9002 Varna

Tel:  00359 52 611782
Fax: 00359 52 613235

Mailing Address:
115, Knyaz Boris I, office 327
9002 Varna


Global Assistance-Bulgaria Ltd is a company offering 24 Hours medical assistance to local and foreign travellers, visiting the Bulgarian holiday resorts. Due to its wide network of partners, the company is able to provide every patient with the full range of medical services in the nearest available medical center or hospital.

Global Assistance-Bulgaria Ltd has established itself as a trusted partner of our foreign partners - major assistance and insurance companies, and we are contacted for assistance for out-patient medical treatments, as well as for organizing in-patient treatments in the most appropriate medical institution, with qualified specialists, for organizing medical transportation, repatration, flight arrangements etc.

Global Assistance-Bulgaria Ltd has a long cooperation with international assistance and insurance companies, ensuring that all patients receive the high quality help they need and all partner companies receive in-time detailed information about the medical treatment of the policyholders they represent.

Our company policy is to supply the patients with the best medical and travel assistance they need. Due to the professional team of specialists in various areas, our successful practice and the constant growing of the network of medical centers we represent, Global Assistance-Bulgaria Ltd is the fastest growing medical assistance in Bulgaria, being able to help every patient in need and to respond to any assistance request from our partners.